Mini Project

Psychogeography is the effect of a geographical location on the emotions and behaviour of individuals. It gained popularity in 1990s and the idea was most inspired by 'flaneurs' (a French term used to describe someone who wonders around society without purpose). For my project I wanted to capture the essence of the atmosphere at an apartment complex.

At this place, I am inspired by the modern architecture, the large areas of flat blocks of colour, the towering feeling of the buildings and the clean cut lines of structure.


I considered Giorgio De Chirico as an inspiration for his style of painting. His style reflects the flatness of paint that I was looking to achieve in my own work.

Piazza d'Italia, Giorgio De Circo, 1913

My final piece in response to psychogeography, gouache, 30x42 cm


Known as a pioneer to the art movement 'Vorticism' I looked at Wadsworth to help me understand structure and the simplification of shapes for my own work.

Port, Edward Wadsworth, 1915

My own work inspired by Wadsworth's

My own delevopmental pieces 

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