For this project, I initially explored the route of recording my response to a musical performance through line. In order to develop the compositions, I began adding in different pens and pencils into pieces, as well as enlarging the pieces at different sizes.


To develop my work, I used tracing paper to add depth by using several layers. I took areas of my original drawings and used the tracing paper to select and define areas of most interest to me, creating new compositions. 

I wanted to introduce colour to see the effect this had on the pieces, it made me more aware of the shapes that were being created between the lines.

I also cut shapes made from my drawings out of magazines, I used this as the base for some of my drawings. This allowed me to achieve more muted colours than my previous pieces with colour.

From reinterpreting my drawings and considering the shapes within the lines rather than the pathway of individual lines. I was interested in isolating the shapes in a monochromatic painting, exploring the interaction between shapes and space.