My own images inspiring this project

Sacking and Red, Alberto Burri, 1954

From researching Burri's 'plastics', it inspired me to develop and explore the manipulation of the properties of plastic. Below I have experimented with different consistencies of PVA glue and acrylic paint in order to achieve different effects. I also experimented with ironing on a sheet of plastic onto the paint to create a melted effect.

This project looks into the explorations of the properties of different materials, exploring textures and working with incompatible processes. Inspired by the mundane from walks through the city and the diversity of textures in the environment.

Rossa Plastica 5, Alberto Burri, 1962

Experimental work  PVA glue, acrylic paint and plastic

Exploring Materials & Their Properties

Development using textiles 

Above I have explored the use of mixed media alongside different materials. I distressed fabrics and explored the effect of applying acrylic paint and creating an emulsion with pumice.

I further experimented with different materials such as masking tape and clear tar gel to create different textures and layers.

I found mixing acrylic paint and PVA glue together created similar characteristics to that of melted plastic. The PVA glue gives the paint a malleable quality, allowing me to contort and stretch into desired shapes. I also explored using the dry brush technique on top of crinkled plastic. I found this effect really interesting and it inspired me to explore this idea further.

Experimentation with mixed media

Exploration of the qualities of plastics


Continued developmental works


As a final response to this project, I created a triptych. I took the techniques I found most interesting and successful. I incorporated them into individual compositions, I was interested in the exploration of different colour schemes, and by creating three compositions it enabled me to explore this.

Drippings, mixed media, each 47x47cm

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