Journey of Consumerism

Pt 2. Performance


Side view of Footsteps of Football

After having explored line through music, I became interested in the pathways of my lines and the shapes being created. It inspired me to think more conceptually about my work, I became inspired by the concept of desire paths and if the performance of travel could be captured through line.

At the beginning, I watched a game of football and recorded the movement of players and the ball across the pitch. Each thread resembles one player's path of movement. I really liked the aesthetics of this piece, however as an artist, I want there to be a connection between me and my work. As I dont have that much interest football, I brainstormed new ideas as to what I could record the performance of.

I am really interested in the issues caused by globalisation and how our small daily activites significantly contribute to these issues. I came up with this idea of mapping the journey of all the products I use in a day. I recorded every item I used in one day and researched the manufactoring and sourced location for all of them. I experimented with different techniques to record this data, from thread, acrylic ink and pen. I wanted this piece to be impactful as I was amazed by the interconnectedness between countires, the products I use and the energy required for this journey to occur. My goal for my final piece was to encourage reflection on the sustainability of our own lifestyle to show the huge environmental impact our actions are indirectly having on the environment.

For my final piece, I created a large scale piece with pen on paper. When presenting this piece I showed it on its own at first allowing people to consider its meaning.  I revealed it by projecting a map of the world on top of the paper to show that it was the journey of my consumerism.


Footsteps of Football, 32x14cm


Diary of products I used in a day


First recording of products used in a day


Recording of products used in a day using acrylic ink

Screenshot 2021-01-27 at 01.23.39.png

Final piece for performance project, Journey of Consumerism, 135x215cm