Mini Project

The aim of this project was to come up with a response to colour in terms of which colours we enjoyed as well as being aware of colour schemes such as:

Triadic colours - colours that are evenly spaced between each other in the colour wheel.

e.g green, blue and purple,

       yellow, red, and blue.

Complimentary colours - colours that are on opposite sides of the colour wheel.


e.g  blue and orange,

       yellow and purple,

       red and green.


Analogous colours - the colour combination of 3-5 colours which are adjacent to each other in the colour wheel.

e.g red-orange and orange, yellow-orange and yellow.


Above: My final piece for the colour theory project

For my initial response I took inspiration from Hommage to the Square by Josef Albers. Albers was interested in exploring how colour adds dimension to 2D shapes, the correlation between colours and how colours can appear differently when placed next to others. Above I took to creating a colour grid, which enabled me to analyse colours singularly as well as together throughout the colour wheel. The four larger squares were my main response to this project, where I have explored several colour theories.


Exploring different colour schemes. Left: monochromatic. Right: Underpainting technique using complimentary colours

I really enjoyed experimenting with colours and I this was something I wanted to explore further. During my research into colour I was interested by some of the colour palettes used in Mark Rothko's work. His approach is far looser than Albers and contains much more texture. It inspired me to consider alternative techniques to paint application, as well as different combinations of colours.




During this project, I also looked at the abstraction of shapes and I explored how colour influences your perception of these shapes. By abstracting the shapes, it enabled me to have the creative freedom to switch up the colour palette from that of reality.